Friday APRIL 6

19 N Water St, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
6PM to 11PM - Short film screenings and guest speaker series

6:00 PM - Opening 573 Film Festival Ceremony

6:10 PM - Opening Night 1st Block

Fish by Saman Hosseinpuor (Kurdistan)
Count Your Curses by ADIFAC ADIFAC (Belgium)
Ishinomaki Rock n Roll City by Federico Aletta (Argentina)
Poster by Joseph Mehedi (Bangladesh)
Gravity by Peter Carlos (USA St. Louis)

7:10 PM - Opening Night 2nd Block

Limit by javad daraei (Iran)
Blessed Days by Valentina Casadei (Italy)
Pilot Knob 2017 Reenactment by David Lubbers (573)
Because of the Little Apple by Pavel Roganov (Russia)
The Final Ride
8:00 PM - WHEN YOU NEED A RIDE with Dennis Boyd

8:15 PM - Meet the Filmmakers

8:30 PM - 4 A.M.

Actors Amanda Koehler, Scott Dunn and Skully Shemwell

9:30 PM - Slipping Away

9:40 PM - Slipping Away Director Scott Dunn Q&A

10:00 PM - Good Bad or Bad Bad

10:15 PM - Good Bad of Bad Bad Youtube Creators Q&A

10:30 PM - Opening Night 3rd Block

Bad Lesbian by Irene Moray (Spain)
Panic Attack! by Eileen O'Meara (Latina)
Sweet Daisy by Daniel Rutkowski (USA LA)
My Clay Conception by Zanyar Muhamadineko (Iran)
Rotten Shadows by gullu cicek (Istanbul)
Veer by Sveinung Gjessing (Norway)
Linni - Ravneblod by Sveinung Gjessing (Norway)
Luxury Death by Niki Stanchev (Bulgaria)
Vertical Lines by Miles Shephard (USA LA)
11:30 PM - Opening Night 573 Film Festival After Party

7PM - FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR – Damon Taylor is a 1st AD, producer, and writer. Shopping Mall (2018), Unfreedom (2014), The Last Samurai (2003)... The role of an assistant director on a film includes tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranging logistics, preparing daily call sheets, checking cast and crew, and maintaining order on the set. Damon will talk about organizing a film.

8PM - WHEN YOU NEED A RIDE – Dennis Boyd, owner of St. Louis Picture Cars, actor, art department and transportation is known for his work on Interview A Monster (2018), Dig Two Graves (2014), Bedlam Street (2011) and Joe Hanrahan 'Invents' Insane-O-Vision (2014). As head of a film’s transportation department, Dennis oversees the entire transportation requirements for the film. There is more to all this than meets the eye.

9:00PM - ACTORS SURVIVAL - Actors Amanda Koehler, Scott Dunn and Skully Shemwell along with other guest actors, will hold an open discussion on how to break into acting and maintain a presence as a local actor.

Saturday APRIL 7

16 N Spanish St, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
11 AM - KIDS MINI FILM WORKSHOP – Aalyssa Parnell, ZuZu Smugala & Lainey Sanders. In this hands-on workshop, Aalyssa, ZuZu and Lainey will show help your child how to shoot and edit a short film on their iPhone. This 3 hour workshop will end with shooting the Clydesdale Parade. (click here to learn more)

12:30PM - THE ACTOR’S MOM – Hosted by Lisa Edwards. Lisa is mother and agent for her daughter Elise Edwards. As her daughter’s acting opportunities increases, the challenges of managing her career also increases. Can you be a mother agent?

518 S Fountain St, Cape Girardeau, MO 63702
Noon - Day 2 Shorts Block 1 Intros

12:10 PM - Day 2 Shorts 1st Block

The one I adore by Jason Seelmann (Canada)
Esquiva by Florence Pelletier (Canada)
The Devils Conductor by Aaron Landgraf (573)
SAVE by Kenneth Nwache (Nigeria)
Loose End by Eugin Writes (India)/td>
Redemption by Cesar Encalada (573)
1:15 PM - Meet the Filmmakers


2:15 PM - Director, Stacy Brown Jr. Q and A


3:40 PM - Director, LeVar Sinks Q and A


5:00 PM - Meet the Filmmakers

5:15 PM - Screening of Blink and Q & A

5:30 PM - BAD GRANDMAS (rated R)

7:00 PM - Bad Grandmas Q & A and

7:30 PM - Day 2 Shorts Block 2

VUJA DE by Joby Varghese (India)
The Long Wet Grass by Anna Nugent (Ireland)
Onus by Luke Martin (England)
Gaslighting by Tina Matzat (Germany)
HIDDEN, IN THE SHADE OF SILENCE by Soroosh Milanizadeh (Iran)
Oblivion by Richard Ofoe (Ghana)
Muna by Adeniyi Joseph (Nigeria)
Surprise by Tariq Rimawi (Jordan)
Dream Phone by Kendra Lohr (USA)
9:30 PM - How To Be A Homewrecker -
A crazy German Musical in English (rated R)

10:30 PM - Meet the Filmmakers for a drink

7PM - FILM FINANCING YOUR INDIE – BAD GRANDMAS, a comedy by co-writer/director Srikant Chellappa. Starring the late Florence Henderson (“The Brady Bunch”) in her final role and Pam Grier (“Jackie Brown”), “Bad Grandmas” recounts the misadventures of senior citizens friends. Things spin out of control, and the Grandmas turn bad. With his new film in hand, Srikant will discuss all the ways you can finance your film. You want this!

13 South Spanish, Next to Cup & Cork
7:30 PM - Reception (advanced reservation required)

9:00 PM - Sneak Peek of INTERVIEWING MONSTERS (advanced reservation required)

Sunday April 8

13 South Spanish, Next to Cup & Cork
12 noon to 5PM - Short film screenings and guest speaker series (seating limited)

Noon - Awards Day Introduction and Meet the Filmmakers

12:10 PM - 1917 The Real October (PG 13)

1:40 PM - Historian Dr. Gary McKiddy,  Q and A

2:00 PM - FINISHING YOUR PROJECT – Thomas Smugala

2:15 PM - Day 3 Shorts Block 1

Mirror by Sara Eustaquio (Portugal)
Load by Nenad Teofilovic (Serbia)
Wishmaker by Michael Hibler (573)
GSLV Mark3 by Harish Gokul (India)

3:15 PM - Day 3 Shorts Block 2

R o m a n c e by Giorgi Tkemaladze (Georgia)
FIFO by Sacha Ferbus (Belgium)
Ovum by Adam Steel (573)
More or less by alborz poursayyad
From Left to Right by arshia zeinali (Iran)
See The Sun by Adam Burns (USA Michigan)
The Birthday Dinner
The Bard's Wife by Roy Delaney (England)
SEEDS by Miles Shephard (USA LA)
2.38: A Glimpse Into the Eclipse by Malea Bailey (USA)
Eyes by Jasmine Jones (573)
A Bohemian Musician by rochak sahu (India)
WHAT WEEE ARE by Alessio De Marchi (Italy)
5:30 PM - 573 Film Festival Closing Ceremony

2PM - FINISHING YOUR PROJECT – Thomas Smugala is a producer, writer, and director. Interview A Monster, starring Tom Green and Les Stroud (2018), Apocalypse and the Beauty Queen (2005), 186 Days (2000), five short films, 20+ music videos, 50+ TV commercials – Thomas, will talk about protecting your passion. Watching out for and defending yourself against naysayers and dream squashers is vital to the success of any film project.

3PM - MANAGING A LOCATION – Jon Fahey is a producer and locations manager known for his work on Interview a Monster (2018), Kingshxghway (2010), The Tomb (2009), Ghost Image (2007) and Apocalypse and the Beauty Queen (2005). The location manager is responsible for finding and securing locations to be used, obtaining all fire, police and other governmental permits, and coordinating the logistics for the production to complete its work. It is by far one of the most demanding jobs on set.