On April 6, 7 and 8, Cape Girardeau won’t just be a city on the Mississippi; it will be a city on the Mississippi that's hosting an international film festival. This three-day FREE event includes: 62 films from all over the world, networking, workshops, music, actors, directors, guest speakers, film financing talks, film premieres, and more... FREE POPCORN.

Meet the director of the new movie BAD GRANDMAS, a comedy by co-writer/director Srikant Chellappa. Starring the late Florence Henderson (“The Brady Bunch”) in her final role and Pam Grier (“Jackie Brown”), “Bad Grandmas” recounts the misadventures of senior citizens friends. Things spin out of control, and the Grandmas turn bad. With his new film in hand, Srikant will discuss all the ways you can finance your film. You want this!

For more details visit: or call Thomas at 314.406.7098

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