Official Selections

Bad Grandmas (featured presentation) by Srikant Chelleppa
Roswell 70 Years Later (featured presentation) by Stacy Brown Jr
The Long Wet Grass by Anna Nugent
Regarding the Case of Joan of Arc by Gena Vazquez
R o m a n c e by Giorgi Tkemaladze
DOUBLE RANSOM by Oladipo O'Fresh
4AM by Nathan Karimi
Life Guard by Peyami Altıntaş
More or less by alborz poursayyad
Ovum by Adam Steel
The Bluejay Experience by Anthony Sinks
The Final Ride by David Lubbers
Pilot Knob 2017 Reenactment by David Lubbers
Luxury Death by Niki Stanchev
FIFO by Sacha Ferbus
Parched by Joe Leone
Onus by Luke Martin
Broga by Jake Unsworth
Load by Nenad Teofilovic
Sweet Daisy by Daniel Rutkowski
Rotten Shadows by gullu cicek
Bad Lesbian by Irene Moray
POSTER by Joseph Mehedi
A Bohemian Musician by rochak sahu
Gaslighting by Tina Matzat
The Flap Of The Butterfly's Wings by Masa Film
Linni - Ravneblod by Sveinung Gjessing
Veer by Sveinung Gjessing
2.38: A Glimpse Into the Eclipse by Malea Bailey
GSLV Mark3 by Harish Gokul
Wishmaker by Michael Hibler
Surprise by Tariq Rimawi
The One I Adore by Jason Seelmann
SAVE by Kenneth Nwache
The Birthday Dinner by Joseph Puleo
Gravity by Peter Carlos
Loose End by Eugin Writes
Count Your Curses by ADIFAC ADIFAC
See The Sun by Adam Burns
Esquiva by Florence Pelletier
Oblivion by Richard Ofoe
Because of a Lttle Apple by Pavel Roganov
Redemption by Cesar Encalada
Blink by Peter Carlos
SEEDS by Miles Shephard
Slipping Away by Scott Dunn
The Devil's Conductor by Aaron Landgraf
Dream Phone by Kendra Lohr
1917 - The Real October by Peter Roloff
Mirror by Sara Eustaquio
F L A M E by Filippo Lupini
Eyes by Jasmine Jones
Blessed Days by Valentina Casadei
VUJA DE by Joby Varghese
The Bard's Wife by Roy Delaney
WHAT WEEE ARE by Alessio De Marchi
How to be a Homewrecker by Lars Kokemüller
My clayey conception by Zanyar Muhamadineko
Limit by javad daraei
Fish by Saman Hosseinpuor
From Left to Right by arshia zeinali
Ishinomaki rock 'n roll city by Federico Aletta